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Glass Railings

Glass Railings Toronto provides customized outdoor glass railing solutions for homes, restaurants, offices and cottages. Our products are versatile and can be used with aluminum or stainless steel posts. Our stainless steel clamps coupled with the ultra-high quality 1/2” inch tempered glass manufactured by one of the most reputable glass manufacturing company in Ontario, produces a beautiful, safe and durable railing system that you will enjoy for many years to come.

balcony glass railings.jpg
basement entrance glass railings.jpg

Advantages Of Glass Railings

  • Glass Railings are Maintenance free

  • Glass Railings are incredibly pleasing.

  • Glass Railings allow for unobstructed view.

  • Glass Railing offers wind and noise protection and reduction.

  • Glass Railings have no slats for children or pets to climb through.

Glass railings are The Platinum standard of railings, they are beautiful and safe for  Commercial, Retail Locations and Residential use. Glass railings and dividing panels are also used as windbreakers for outdoor restaurant seating.

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